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Q: Can any broker use your online system?
Q: What fees does BizCover Brokers charge?
Q: How do I view my policy online?
Q: Can I purchase PI and PL at the same time?
Q: I can’t find a policy in the “View My Policies” section
Q: Can I common due date my policies?
Q: Can I increase my policy limits or reduce them?
Q: I’ve made an error with the client details when binding a policy; how do I update the information?
Q: How do I renew my policy?
Q: Express Renewal – at what point do I need to provide new information, if the client circumstances have changed?
Q: Why can’t I renew my policy?
Q: Why can’t I see a policy bound by someone else in my brokerage?
Q: How do I close off access for a login or get a new login?
Q: How do I make a claim?
Q: When should I report a claim/circumstance?
Q: Do I have to send BizCover a closing?
Q: How and when do I pay BizCover, after I bind my a policy?