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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have the answers! If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for please give us a call now and let our market-leading customer support team help you with what you need.

The BizCover Broker platform is available to all brokers, regardless of their affiliation. Brokers just need to sign a Wholesale Broker agreement with BizCover Brokers and once this is done, we will set you up for access to the system.

The platform fee is displayed on the quote as a separate line item and varies by policy type. An agency fee (charged by the insurer) may also apply and will also be displayed as a separate line item.

After signing up with us, you will be provided with a login and password for the platform. You can use these credentials to login into the BizCover Brokers homepage. Once logged in; you can then view policies by clicking on the “My Clients” tab.

Yes – you can purchase multiple products simultaneously.

The policy may be located under a different login within your brokerage. Please contact us for further information or to move a policy to a different user.

Yes – You can do this during the quoting stage, page 2 on the platform.

Yes – You can make policy amendments during the policy period, simply log into BizCover Brokers, find the policy you would like to amend and click “Amend”.

You can update your client’s details during the policy period, simply log into BizCover Brokers, find the policy you would like to update and click “Amend”.
Note – There is no need to create a new policy.

The system will generate renewal reminders 30 days prior to your client’s renewal date. The email will inform you of the best way to renew your policy through the website.

BizCover Brokers offers brokers a one click renewal process called an ‘’Express Renewal’’. You will only need to confirm minimal information and then bind cover. This method uses all the previous year’s underwriting data to offer renewal terms and proceeds on the assumption that data remains accurate and meets duty of disclosure requirements (it is up to the broker to ensure that is the case). If your client’s services have changed significantly, you would like to have their information updated or they otherwise have additional information to disclose to the insurer as part of the renewal process, then you can manage this by pressing ‘’Renew’’ then ‘’Amend’’.

If, for some reason, your client’s policy requires attention from our Relationship Manager, the renewal link will not be active. It may be because an underwriting guideline by an Insurer may have recently changed. If a policy renewal link is not active 30 days or less prior to expiry, please contact our team.

Policies created by a specific user are visible to that user only. If you need access to policies bound by others in your company, please contact us.

To disable access to BizCover Brokers for a user, please contact the BizCover Broker team. If you want to set up a new login, please click here and complete the registration form.

BizCover Brokers manage the claims process, so you do not need to deal with the individual insurers.
All we need is for your client to complete the BizCover claim form claim form and once we have this, we will manage the process for you. If your client is making a personal accident or illness claim, please contact our team for the insurer’s specific form.
Simply email the completed form to our claims team at claims@bizcover.com.au – we will do the rest.

If you have any questions, please contact us on broker@bizcoverbrokers.com.au or 1300 295 262

Remittance is due 60 days following the inception date of the policy. You will receive a tax invoice with the payment details. The invoice is net of your commission and must be paid in full within 60 days.

**We do not accept cheques as form of payment.